Splitstep started with Matt Golub from Evergreen, CO and has been in the works for a few years. Only now is the project truly coming to fruition with the help of other amazing Denver musicians. Will be self-producing singles and a full-length album in the near future. Stay tuned for our bright, unique, acoustic sound!


Matt Golub // Guitar, Songwriting

Matt Golub has been playing music for the past ten years and focuses his craft on the acoustic guitar. Inspired by artists such as John Butler, Dave Matthews Band, Rush, and John Mayer. Matt’s guitar style is rooted in the fullness of open chords and the dynamics of his song structure. His songwriting process begins with building on unique guitar riffs and working out captivating transitions to different parts of a song. Matt’s adventures with coming of age, finding love, and personal life experiences have shaped his lyric writing.

Matt has experience performing in many notable Colorado venues such as Larimer Lounge, Lost Lake, Three Kings Tavern, Red Rocks, Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater, and remains a frequent visitor to Open-Mic Nights across Denver. Medical student by day and musician by night, Matt Golub is excited to maximize the potential of Splitstep and to create a universal connection to people through his music.



Daniel Carrillo (Beatmaster D) // Drums

Daniel Carrillo, affectionately, professionally, and otherwise known as Beatmaster D, is known by many friends of the Denver music scene. Associated acts, syndicates, and organizations through his many years in the scene include: Walking With Bikes, Kushgroove Concert Series, Dream Is Grind Productions, Jeremy Strand Music, The Spot Studios, The Mazlows, High Features, Zach Maxwell Music, Pulse of Nature, Jay Triiiple, Kayla Rae, Wayne Watts & Dream Create Inspire, The All-Nighters, Just Ova Broke (J.O.B.), Smog Dog Revolution, Treehouse Sanctum, and many additional pending music projects.

Daniel is commonly regarded for his versatility and knowledge of drumming technique, which aid him in his infamous ability to groove, fill, and improv in virtually any style or genre of music. With over a decade of enriched experience in performing, collaborating, recording, etc. Daniel has gained a certain notoriety in the local Denver scene. He is also recognized for his songwriting, composing, and music production abilities.